Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nosto Lora - Internert Media Launch Event @ Mcdonalds

It was a long wait which has been ended yesterday @2:30 PM in the occasion of Internet Media launch event for Nosto Lora, the sensational music Album by Jayanta Hazarika. Most of the invitees attended in this celebration at Mcdonalds, in Hyderabad where honorable Mr. C. V. Rao presided over the function, he is well known producer of Anuradha Films Division producing more than a dozen of Telugu and Hindi movies. He is remarkably known as the most important figure in the Telugu Film Industry. His production also made many dubbing films from English to Telugu and also have had shooting for many spectacular places like London, Egypt, Bangkok, Switzerland, USA, Burma, and many more international places. Most importantly, he is a close relative of former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and NT. Rama Rao.

The event was bloomed with these like many important personalities with their valuable blessing to the new sensational Assamese singer Mr. Jayanta Hazarika. All of they appreciated Mr. Jayanta Hazarika for his remarkable foot print of "Nosto Lora". Although language differs but the tunic melody attracts their hearts.

Mr. Sushanta Hazarika was representing the occasion to host the Internet Media launch, he is also one of the co-owner of Nirlmali Arts and has good experience into various prospective businesses. He edged that the initiation has been taken by Mr. Jayanta Hazarika is really appreciable and that can surely bring Assamese culture to the International scenario.

Spectators were hissed warm regard to Mr. Jayanta Hazarika for his new attempt of Assamese song, "Nosto Lora". The first title song was really mind touching as Mr. Sushanta Hazarika was trying to let all audiences listen this song in his deep mood. 
 He wished this glorious attempt of Mr. Jayanta Hazarika will get success soon as people like to have new taste of music and in "Nosto Lora" there is abundant of entertainment and fun filled musical feel.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nosto Lora - A New Melodious Music Album Released

Nosto Lora a new melodious music album has been released recently with a grandeur opening ceremony held in Guwahati, Assam. It is composed by Jayanta Hazarika a youth icon of modern Assamese songs who has inculcated considerable achievement in his name so far. This music album creates remarkable sensation already among music lovers from Assam and has been stepping into comprehensive popularity soon.

Co-Owner, Mr. Jayanta Hazarika is a passionate Singer, and his key focus of life is to produce Films and to make Unique Music Composition, which has been deeply found in his latest Assamese music album "Nosto Lora". "Nosto Lora" is making a sensational hit among Assamese songs for the new generation and still counting to figure the most hit in the recent times.